My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Podcasts

In my last post, “10 Ways to Stay Sane Until Bedtime When Your Kids Are Driving You Crazy” I mentioned that I enjoy listening to podcasts throughout the day. Krista commented that she’d like a list of my favorites. Ask and ye shall receive! 🙂

As I discover new (to me) podcasts, I’ll update this list.

I tend to gravitate toward podcasts where each episode is under 45 minutes. I’ve found that if they’re longer, I have to stop partway through (which I have to even with short ones sometimes!) and don’t always come back to it. 30-45 minutes or less is the perfect time frame for me to get a whole episode in while making dinner, doing dishes, or folding laundry.

My Favorite Podcasts:

Behind the Pulpit Podcast -I happen to know the 3 hosts of this podcast personally!  My husband and 2 Bible college friends, Nigel and Ryan, all hold ministerial licenses and are each heavily involved in ministry in various ways. They discuss topics that have to do with being in the ministry but aren’t all the ministry of preaching. They are all men, but I, as a woman in ministry have gained wisdom and perspective by listening to their show.

Focus on the Family Broadcast– I used to listen to this broadcast on the radio on my way to work, but now where I live we don’t have a local Christian radio station. I also no longer have a commute, so I listen to the podcast. I like this one because each day there’s an interview with someone that talks about mostly about parenting, marriage, or faith. I’ve discovered many new authors, podcasts, and blogs through the different people that Focus on the Family interviews. They also have 2 other podcasts. Focus Marriage Podcast, and Focus Parenting Podcast, if you’d rather listen to a more specific topic.

At Home With Sally – I recently discovered this one when Sally Clarkson was a guest on a different podcast I listen to. I’m only a few episodes in, but so far I love how she relates to listeners and readers of her book how truly important the ministry of homemaking is.

A Slob Comes Clean – This is such a real life podcast by Dana White. She shares helpful ways to declutter and organize that work for people who don’t enjoy cleaning. I’d recommend starting at the beginning to hear her story of how she got into blogging about cleaning and eventually podcasting.

The Homemaking Foundations Podcast – Jami Balmet is a mom of 5 under 5! She has 2 sets of twin boys and a little girl. And I thought my life was crazy! She gives encouragement and tips to moms of young ones who want to keep their home centered around the gospel message.

God-Centered Mom Podcast – I’d say this one is my favorite podcast. Heather MacFadyen, mom of 4 boys, has a guest each week that she interviews, and man, does she know how to find them! Some of the stories her guests share make me laugh out loud while scraping dried egg yolk off of the breakfast dishes and then bring me to tears 3 minutes later. Almost every episode inspires me to better my life in a different way.

The Paleo View – While our family isn’t strict paleo, I do tend to cook that way a majority of the time. In this podcast, Sarah Ballantyne, a Ph.D. who personally lost over 120 pounds and reversed several health-related issues by changing her diet, shares loads of science-backed information about living a paleo lifestyle.

The Busy Mom – Heidi St. John is a successful Christian author and speaker. I’m new to her podcast, but I have enjoyed what I’ve heard so far. She gives her point of view with Scripture, which is important to me Her episodes are usually around 15-20 minutes which comes in handy on busy days that you still want to be fed spiritually.

The Dave Ramsey Show – I’m not a dedicated listener to this one, but every now and then I’ll give it a listen to hear the questions and stories of the listeners and the advice of the Christian financial guru, Dave Ramsey.

I hope this list exposes you to new podcasts! Like I said above, I will be updating this list with more recommendations as I discover new podcasts. I’d love for you to share some of your favorite podcasts with me in the comments!

Photo by Jaz King on Unsplash