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Wait a Minute, Honey

Wait a Minute, Honey

“Wait a minute, honey!”

“Just a sec.”

“Hold on!”

How many times a day do we say this phrase or variations of it to our kids?

There’s always something to do. Dinner doesn’t cook itself. Dishes don’t wash themselves. Laundry doesn’t fold itself. It seems every day is filled with a “to-do” list that somehow adds 2 new items every time you cross off one.

Give Handmade This Christmas

Give Handmade This Christmas

I teamed up with 8 Christian moms who make and sell handmade items and I asked them if I could feature their items on my blog. I want to make it easy for YOU to do some Christmas shopping while supporting fellow Christian moms who use their talents and abilities to bless their families and other families.

My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Podcasts

In my last post, “10 Ways to Stay Sane Until Bedtime When Your Kids Are Driving You Crazy” I mentioned that I enjoy listening to podcasts throughout the day. Krista commented that’d she’d like a list of my favorites. Ask and ye shall receive! 🙂

As I discover new (to me) podcasts, I’ll update this list.

10 Ways to Stay Sane Until Bedtime When Your Kids Are Driving You Crazy

10 Ways to Stay Sane Until Bedtime When Your Kids Are Driving You Crazy

There are days (like today for me) when your kids are on a mission to steal your sanity as quickly as humanly possible. First of all, I want to say that you’re still a good mom if your kids drive you crazy sometimes! Some people make other moms feel like horrible mothers if they mention they mention their kids are annoying them that day. I’m sorry, but every single mom gets annoyed at her kids at times. You’re not alone and you’re still an amazing mom! 

Here are some ways I’ve learned to stay sane until the kiddos are sleeping peacefully in their beds so I can recharge until the craziness starts all over again the next morning.

My Battle With Depression As a Minister’s Wife

My Battle With Depression As a Minister’s Wife

I felt like I knew what I should do. I was doing what I would tell others to do if they came to me and explained they were feeling that way, but it wasn’t working. Or at least I didn’t feel it working. I was making my requests known unto God. I prayed. Even though it was so hard to pray. I figured my depression would eventually go away. I didn’t tell a soul what I was going through. What would people think? I was in ministry. My husband was the youth pastor. We were making plans to move out of state to pastor a church. I couldn’t be depressed. I had to be happy. I had to be the encourager. I had to be the model Christian.

Goodbye, Comfort Zone!

Goodbye, Comfort Zone!

God called our family to this city and obeying Him wasn’t comfortable.

Leaving our church family, my husband leaving his good job right before a hefty raise kicked in, wasn’t comfortable.

Driving 2200 miles with two kids under 2 wasn’t comfortable.

Becoming the pastoral family in a new church where we only knew a couple of people wasn’t comfortable.

Meeting my new neighbors and people around my city wasn’t (and isn’t) comfortable.

That’s OK though because God didn’t call me to be comfortable.

I can’t change the destiny of my city if I stay in my comfort zone.

The Best Instant Pot Buffalo Wings

The Best Instant Pot Buffalo Wings

I love buffalo wings so much.

I love all chicken wings, but there’s something about the original buffalo flavor that makes me ridiculously happy.

When you get them at a restaurant, they’re likely coated and deep fried.

There are tons of recipes for oven-baked ones too. I find the meat too chewy when cooked using that method.

Enter…the Instant Pot!

Tender and perfectly cooked every single time!
Call me crazy, but I prefer them cooked my way than at a restaurant.

Let me know your preference after you try this recipe!

I still get restaurant wings when I’m feeling lazy, but I actually order them less often now because I know they’ll make me wish me and my IP were back in the kitchen showing them how to make the perfect buffalo wings.

10 Reasons You Should Buy An Instant Pot

10 Reasons You Should Buy An Instant Pot

I’m not going to be dramatic and say you NEED one. Obviously, you’ve lived (insert age) years without one, just like millions of other people. Humanity thrived, even before Instant Pots.

But I will say that owning an Instant Pot is definitely an advancement in kitchen technology.

To me, an Instant Pot is the smartphone of the kitchen.

Most of us would be able to live a normal life with a flip phone that only made calls, but why settle for a boring flip phone when you can have a smartphone that is capable of doing so much more?

OK, maybe that’s a bad example when a lot of us are trying to be less technologically dependent, but you know what I mean.

An Instant Pot will make your life easier.

Let me share a few reasons how.

What I Want For My 30th Birthday

What I Want For My 30th Birthday

I want to be a better disciple in my 30’s.

I want to be a disciple of disciples.

I want to change more lives.

I want to touch Heaven more.

I want to shine my light brighter everywhere I go.

I want to have a bigger part in populating Heaven.

I want to minister more.

I want to encourage more.

Charlotte’s Birth Story

Charlotte’s Birth Story

I was crying.

I was screaming.

I was yelling like an Amazon woman.

I told my midwife and the nurse I didn’t think I could do this without medication, even though I really really wanted to. I don’t know if it’s because they knew how badly I didn’t want pain meds, or if it was too late for that by this point, but they both kind of ignored me and told me how strong I was.

The contractions were getting worse each time, which amazed me because I thought there was no way it could possibly get any worse.

I regretted ever complaining about the pain of labor when I delivered Judah, that was a piece of cake compared to this.